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Welcome to Love's Curse: Til Graduation Do Us Part, a romance visual novel with a creepy twist. It was created on Unity, for Spooktober 3rd Annual Visual Novel Jam.

Play as the Main Character in your last week of high school. Study hard to make it to graduation, all while finding romance, in a story where your choices make a difference.

About This Game:

Start the week on the Monday before graduation (Friday).  Features three Love Interests (Matoi [gender can be chosen], Natsuki or Yuki) and an Afterschool Point-and-Click phase with items that create a branching narrative.  Be careful not to fill your Dread Meter, as everything is not as it seems...  Whose affection will you win over?

Game Features:

  • Name, pronoun, and stat block customization, to make your game experience more personalized.
  • Choose Magazines to take with you every day to give you a temporary stat boost in order to unlock more items and areas.
  • Choose a class to attend every day and boost your relationship with the LI's.
  • Afterschool Point-and-Click phase. Find items that will unlock special scenes with the LI's.
  • A branching narrative with a total of six different endings. Your choices will make a difference and reflect through the story.

Credits: (Find us on itch.io!)

Lead Writer & Creative Director - BunnyGirlSenpai

Writer - Hunter A. Hackett

Editor - weepingcat

Lead Designer - Brontosaurus G

Lead Artist & Character Designer - baiyuu

Lead Programmer - ed_x_7

Programmer - Joe

UI Designer - Serge Dusk Herzen

Music Composer - EvanJamesAudio

Free-to-Use Assets:

UI Assets: LoudEyes

Background Art: Noraneko Games

Background Art: Gutari Nyanko

Background Art: Uncle Mugen

Background Art: Neeka of OBP

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorBrontosaurus G
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Horror, Multiple Endings, Romance


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This was a great little visual novel that I enjoyed while playing but after playing I did notice some serious cons about it. It didn't take away much of my ability to enjoy it but it was very noticeable. Some of these will contain spoilers!!

  1.  I wasn't able to control the volume all that well within the game which was pretty loud and annoying.
  2. The save/load button was inefficient and I couldn't even load properly because I didn't know if I saved anything at all. Similarly to the history button because whenever I clicked on the icon, the text would go by.
  3. Trying to find the missing or hidden items to "understand" the story was so hard, especially when finding the keys because I'd be rapidly clicking everywhere only for the dialogue box to be skipped because I was looking for the item and again I had to look around and skip.
  4. The stats within the game is so weird, like one object needed 4 Science, 2 Athletics, and 2 Artistic but when the next day comes where I just 3 Science points and 2 Athletics/Artistic I was able to grab it and many other which kind of made the stats portion useless since I could just wait for the days to come and put in some points anywhere I wanted.
  5. Also having just 5 days of the game be in (well, 4 playable days I suppose) kinda is really hard when certain objects that you find throughout the After School hunting portion requires more points, in fact when I saw it I was panicking on how I would be able to get the specific item when I'm lacking points. It also felt really rushed within the story only having 5 days to go off of.
  6. I wanted to backread on the items I found during the After School section but found I couldn't even access any of the items, which was discouraging since I worked hard to find them and I can't even reread the dialogue or even access/interact with it.
  7. Was there even any reason to find the hidden objects? They never explained why the two LIs (Natsuki and Yuki) were interested with MC, in fact some were only about the schedules of the LIs (which were useless in a way since you could see which LI went to which class) and the other was talking about how the LIs acted strangely on why they were suddenly fixated with MC but never had an explanation other than "I just like them".
  8. When we do get to the locked off rooms using the keys (Library, Shed, and Roof) is the interaction with the LIs the only worthwhile thing in it? Because I kept going to the library to go to the "restricted" area with the key only to have the same cutscene with Matoi for 3 times before I just called it quits. For the Roof and Shed I can understand why it was locked but why was the Library locked when there were students inside of it?
  9. Also, was there any need for the cursed plot? Through my run I was able to manipulate the Dread Meter so I can understand why I probably missed out but was there no other mentions of the strange things that happened to MC in the school? In a similar vein, the dream/nightmare portions were also useless in a way because it only circled back to information we already knew because of the opening scene, there was no new information and nothing valuable to gauge from the nightmares to make it any sort of meaningful.
  10. Some of the sprites also didn't match the setting the story was in (I'm going to use Yuki's as an example since that was the route I played). In the PE class Yuki still wore his school uniform despite the dialogue saying he was in PE class uniform, I can understand if it was about having limited sprite models but it doesn't seem to be the case.
  11. The background portion was okay at the first half but nearing the end it was just confusing. Using Yuki's as an example, in his ending where I received the "Lovers Ending" if that's what it's called, we went to a festival. However I didn't know since the background was of the auditorium and Yuki was in his school uniform. It was a bit awkward reading through that part and seeing it not connect with the art.
  12. Some of the dialogue also is kinda placed wrongly? Like when the vendor in Yuki's ending route was talking I didn't even realize he was talking becuase there was no Vendor name at the top where dialogue was, I'm sure there are more instances about that but that was the part that stuck out to me.

Those are my concerns and observations while playing out the game. It is pretty enjoyable enough that I can kinda brush it off but looking back I can see the points in where I was having trouble progressing (especially that After School part). Nonetheless, a nice little game!

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The game seems promising. Unfortunatelly, as the save button didn't seem to work (and there is no fast forward option) I couldn't progress very far. It's a shame because I really wanted to read Yuki and Mako routes. Am I doing it wrong?

EDIT: I've just finished Yuki route (in one go) and enjoyed it. However, I wish I could have been able to save  :(


I was able to play through once (though the save button didn't seem to do anything and the load button just reloaded the scene and set my stats to zero. Fortunately they went back to normal once something happened to raise one). On my second playthrough I tried on two different occasions (using the load-taking-me-back-to-start-of-after-school-portion) to go home after the first day but it just kept the screen the last room I was in and didn't progress. 

Of course I really enjoyed it, having played it once and tried to play it a second time! I think I'll just have to give up for now and maybe give it another go after some more bugs are fixed. 


thanks for the heads up!! We’ll let you know when these bugs have been addressed, and hopefully you can give it another shot!!

also, thank you again for taking the time to try out our game!! 

The most hilarious part was getting the 'just friends' ending with the character responsible for the entire plot my first time through.

That being said, it was great, I loved it! Kinda wish with said characters ending there was an epilogue at least TALKING about that though xD


haha thanks for playing!! Glad you enjoyed the game 🤗🥰

I enjoy it <3


awesome thanks for playing !!


my game freezes up after the rooftop scene with the white haired dude. idk what to do but the game is super interesting thoughhh


we'll be getting some bug fixes in soon!


FINALLY GOT SOME BUG FIXES IN! Feel free to let us know if anything is still not working properly :D


I can't pass the day2, it just stuck at the classroom scene. After protanist said, they will find the prankster or poke around the school.

Is there anything I should do or click anywhere at that scene?

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we'll be getting some bug fixes in soon! thanks so much for the feedback!!


FINALLY GOT SOME BUG FIXES IN! Should work now, but feel free to let us know if anything is still not working properly :D


I really love school settings and stat-raising games! I like matoi alot! though i think there were some bugs that made it hard to proceed. I dunno, maybe I did something wrong, I'll try playing it again later!


hopefully we'll be getting some bug fixes in soon! thanks for the feedback :D


FINALLY GOT SOME BUG FIXES IN! Please feel free to let us know if anything is still not working properly :D