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This game was made during the Seattle Indies Game Jam 2020 for the theme "Frighteningly Cute". 


Build-A-Scare is a simple strategy/puzzle game in which your goal is to assemble a monster from an assortment of appendages to scare a kid in their dreams. 

The appendages you're given each have their own scare types and associated values. Some may cause "Embarrassment" fear while another may provide terrifying images with "Sight" fear. 

Each kid has a hint of what kind of scares they're most afraid of - and unafraid of. It's up to you to figure out what monster will scare them enough to be fully haunted.

How to play

The player goes from the monster building phase to the haunting phase, and back again.  Choose up to 5 appendages to add to the monster, along with customizable colors, then press 'Go To Dream' and see how frighteningly cute your monster is! 


William Clark - Producer, Programmer, Artist

Nick Glenn - Programmer

Caleb Gray - Programmer

Kimberly Hou - Composer, Sound Designer

Greg Morton - Designer, Programmer

Omri Perez - Programmer, Artist

WARNING: The game is still under construction so expect some bugs.


SIGJ-Build-A-Scare.zip 40 MB

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